Saturday, July 01, 2017

Art Gallery: The Hollywood Kiss

The Hollywood Kiss (2000)
Watercolors, liquid paper and nail polish on canvas, 18" x 24"

The Hollywood Kiss was a slight departure from the cosmic, multilayered pieces in the Watercanvas series. Instead, its design was closer to the earlier acrylics (on canvas) and watercolors (on paper) paintings. The background is more subdued, and perhaps was the result of a failed experiment. The fortunate thing with using watercolors is that you can wash them away if you've created a mess.

The Kinko's brand of "liquid paper" correction fluid and black nail polish were the main focus of this piece. I used nail polish simply because I liked to experiment and search for new materials to use. Jackson Pollack famously stuck anything he could find onto his epic murals, including rocks and nails. I was pleased with the texture and tone of the nail polish, although its abilities were limited to thin lines and brutish splatters. It works very well here, but I did not use it again. I probably emptied the whole bottle, and perhaps that was a factor in my not using it again.

This is a good painting. It has an Eastern style. I should make more like this one, if I can find a suitable studio space again.

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