Monday, July 03, 2017

Art Gallery: Looks Are the Only Thing That Count

Looks Are the Only Thing That Count (2001)
Watercolors and correction fluid on canvas, 18" x 24"

Here's my original 2003 description about this piece from my old art site:

"Now this is one of my personal favorites. I really enjoyed how I was able to apply several layers of watercolor and bring out some great blending and shading of the color. I was largely impressed with the art direction in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and thought Capcom did a bang-up job with the look with its heavy comic-book style. Hey, whatever, I'll steal inspiration from just about anywhere.

"I really enjoy the bright color tones and variety from the corners. The Liquid Paper centers it all, with all that violent action slashing about. On the B-Side (not pictured here, unfortunately), I attached a number of name tags and wrote my thoughts on my favorite Bob Dylan albums. I think this was something that I put together the night before an art show at a Minneapolis night club called The Lounge. I skipped out on sleep in order to finish everything on time, but it was worth it.

"Trivia freaks will note the Prince often frequents The Lounge, but I honestly don't know if he ever had a chance to check out my paintings. Of course, just when would he get that chance? You can't just wander around a crowded night club if you're Prince, especially in Minneapolis. After him, Minnesota's most famous celebrity is, what, Jesse Ventura?"

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