Sunday, July 02, 2017

Art Gallery: St. Scholastica Orange and Blue

St. Scholastica Orange (2003)
St. Scholastica Blues (2003)

These two pieces from my 2003 Digital Artwork series were created simultaneously, and so I named them together. The titles were named because the orange patterns reminded me of 1970s art designs which were common on college campuses well into the '80s. And so I used the name of the college where I spent my freshman year.

I suppose these titles also fit within the overall theme of faith versus violence and the overall resistance against the Iraq War, which swept through 2003 in a wave of hype and hysteria. Americans won't like to remember it today, but nearly all of them were gung-ho for that stupid war. The emotional traumas of 9/11 were still very fresh, and somebody needed to be punished. Anybody, really, it didn't matter.

As for the art designs, I was aiming towards that '70s design, which I always remembered fondly. I also wanted bold colors and solid lines, and nothing that would look like stereotypical "computer art." No pixels, no jagged lines, no cold abstractions. The goal was to make these Digital paintings appear as if they were created by traditional means. There's also the psychedelic aspect, which was never a conscious decision on my part, but it seemed to fit nicely.

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