Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Genesis Games - Wait Till Next Week

Hmm. So much for surfing around. I'll be damned if I can find anything on any other sites. The best thing I can find is the Wikipedia page of Virtual Console releases. On this page, all the future releases are listed, based upon titles that have been given official ratings from the ESRB. Gain Ground, Bonanza Bros, and Comix Zone are all listed for a January 29 release date.

As I'd expect, if there was a delay, it would be for one week. So it seems that Zelda 3 was the only game to be released on Monday. This is what I get for not actually having a Wii console myself. Otherwise I could just go and look for myself.

On a slightly unrelated note, the buzz is that Mario Kart 64 will be released next week, so that's a real thrill. I'm still shouting out for online multiplayer. Gimmie online multiplayer! Ah, that'll never happen.

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