Monday, January 29, 2007

Steve's Beatles Page - Go Visit

Here's a good site that tracks all the different anomolies, fragments, and tiny pieces buried deep in the mix of Sgt. Pepper's. The Beatles were pretty heavily influenced by Brian Wilson and Pet Sounds, and this album demonstrates that perfectly. Again, most of these little sounds only come out to me on vinyl. I've never heard any of them on the CD, aside from John Lennon's "Bye!" on the Sgt. Pepper's Reprise on side two.

I wonder if the Beatles albums were ever given the proper digital-remastering treatment for the CD's? I'm pretty deeply skeptical of that now, and I wouldn't be surprised to see CD reissues sometime before the end of the decade. 40 year anniversaries, and all. Whatever. Just stick with the vinyl, kids.

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