Monday, January 29, 2007

Real World Continues to Creep In

Short update here. I'm serious about expanding the scope of this little blog of mine, beyond just writing and talking about videogames, and into my other interests. I've added links to my favorite progressive weblogs, and a few media-related sites, including the always-essential Randi Rhodes Archives.

I'm not planning to abandon the games coverage, so all five of you who visit this site have nothing to worry about. But, let's be serious here - most of the time, the only thing I'm writing about are the weekly Virtual Console releases.

Oh, and did I tell you that I sold my Nintendo DS? It wasn't because of any dissatisfaction - I loved my DS dearly. I just need to use my precious time more wisely, and I'd rather use that Animal Crossing/Brain Age/Zoo Keeper time reading or writing or listening to my Beatles records.

Have I mentioned that I have a record player now? Yeah, nice.

I know blogs and websites are supposed to be focused on a single topic, for ease of selling yourself on the internet. But I'm just too sprawling by nature, and everything just keeps expanding into undiscovered countries. It was just the same a decade ago with my zines, so I really shouldn't be surprised at any of this, really. We should embrace as many colors of life as possible. Our lives should be, well, interesting. This is supposed to be fun...uh, right?

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Anonymous said...

Woah, sold your DS? Thats a real shame, plus I've been wondering why the coverage has stopped.
Congrats on getting a turntable though - the experience of vinyl is a fun one and a great way to reconnect with music.