Monday, January 29, 2007

Psychedelic Beatles on Vinyl

For some unknown reason, this video is a lot darker once I posted it on YouTube. The video file is a bit brighter on my desktop, and you can actually see just what the heck it is I'm talking about. My records are really twisting and warping about, not excessively, but it's very psychedelic and very liquid.

I made a video of Sgt. Peppers with my digital camera, another piece of modern technology that isn't anywhere near as good as the old stuff. Well, at least I can hook it up to my computer and post stuff online. That's a good advantage. The reflections on the vinyl are quite a trip.

Remember when I said I expected to see the walls melt a few posts ago? It actually happened! And you tell me we live in a Godless universe. Sometimes I think I'm really tapped into the collective whatever-it-is. Thank heavens this time it's something good and fun; last year it was terrifying preminitions of death, followed by the sudden deaths of Sean Pettibone and my beloved aunt Barbara.

I really have too much time on my hands. What did you think happens to hippies once they're out of college? It's either this, or move to the burbs and become a repressed Republican. No thanks. That's like volunteering to lie down into your coffin.

Anyway, let me know if you can see the crazy tripped-out reflections on the record. If you like it, I'll get a bigger memory card and shoot more movies. I'm the Isao Takahata of my generation! Look upon my mighty works, ye mortals, and weep! Hah!

UPDATE: Okay, here's a second video, with more light in the room. Still not quite capturing that liquid effect, but you get a better idea. You'll just have to experiment on your own if you want to see the walls melting. Cough. You know what I mean.

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