Monday, January 22, 2007

Where Are the Genesis VC Titles?

There seems to be a dispute about this week's VC games. According to Sega's Virtual Console release pages on their site, Gain Ground, Bonanza Bros, and Comix Zone are all scheduled for release today, and they should all be "live" now. However, Nintendo's official site only lists one title - Zelda.

As far as I know (based on what I've read at Digital Press), Zelda is the only new game online at VC. I really don't know any more than this, whether something happened on Sega's part, or if there were "bugs" with the games, or something on Nintendo's part.

I'm reminded that Hudson delayed the release of Dungeon Explorer by one week, because of bugs that needed to be ironed out. Hopefully, someone in charge will explain things for us, and get things back on track before too long. Until then - sorry, no Sega games.

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