Monday, February 01, 2010

Global Deal on Climate Change in 2010 "All But Impossible"

Better start begging your grandchildren's forgiveness now.  The powers that be are simply not interested in dealing with global warming.  They aren't interested in fighting the powerful polluters, they aren't interested in tackling Big Oil, and they aren't interested in telling the masses of spoiled brats to unplug their toys and turn off their lights.

See this photograph?  It comes from the Guardian UK article, and it really does cut to the heart of the problem.  Humans consume too much.  If you want to stop the pollution that is wrecking our atmosphere and altering the climate, fine.  Give up your cars.  Give up your plasma screens.  Turn off those lights.  Any chance that's going to happen?  No.

Read the Guardian article and weep for your children's future.  They shall meet a catastrophe of biblical proportions.  And they shall blame it all on you.

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