Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Not Terrorism if White Guys Do It

Let me check my Cliff's crashes an airplane into a government building because he's supposedly angry with their this considered an act of terrorism or not?  Apparantly not if you're Joe Stack in 2010.  This is a rather bizarre notion, and underlies a certain stupidity on the part of Americans.  We have a long history of dealing with domestic terrorists, and all of them where white, blue-eyed boys - Timothy McVey, Eric Rudolph, The Unibomber, Scott Roeder, yadda yadda.

And there's a particularly bad habit on the part of Republicans trying to downplay or sympathize with extreme-right violence.  Scott Brown offers a perfect example in his remarks yesterday:

"I don't know if it's related but I can just sense not only in my election, but since being here in Washington, people are frustrated. They want transparency. They want their elected officials to be accountable and open and talk about the things affecting their daily lives. So I am not sure if there is a connection, I certainly hope not, but we need to do things better."

There's no excuse for rationalizing domestic terrorism.  This is a much greater problem in America than the threat of foreign terror attacks; our own history has born this out.  It's not "terrorism" only when brown-skinned people do it.

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