Friday, February 05, 2010

Just Dance Continues to Dominate Amazon Charts

Just Dance continues it's run on the top of the Amazon charts in the US and UK, according to Gamasutra, leading the Nintendo Wii and All-Platform charts.

I wonder if Ubisoft is considering a release in Japan.  Western videogames usually sell poorly there, but Just Dance has a near-universal appeal and I could see it becoming a hit.  If I were in charge, I'd be pushing this game as hard as I could.  Two million, five million, ten million...the sky's the limit.  C'mon guys, push it!

Third-party publishers need to aggressively study and copy Ubisoft's marketing strategy.  Above all, they need to create fun games that people want to play.  That was the mantra of the Golden Age of Video Games in the 1980s, and it remains vitally important today.

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