Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Memo to Democrats

Jerking around your supporters is not a winning strategy in an election year.  For some reason, we don't quite feel like turning out to vote for a party that refuses to fullfill their campaign promises.  Instead, the Dems just slap us around with weak excuses and kabuki posturing.

I can't wait for our Republican overlords to take over, can't you?  Next year's impeachment drama will be so much fun.  Hey, maybe they'll convince the Dems to destroy Social Security and start a war with Iran.  Joy!

I suppose the one good thing to come from this little Kang-and-Kodos saga is that we're officially off the hook for supporting Ralph Nader in the year 2000.  The Democrats have done everything they possibly can since 2007 to prove he was right.

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