Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 - Here's the Just Dance 2 Trailer

Just Dance - hardcore gamers despise it, everybody else loves it.  Thanks to a brilliant online viral and word-of-mouth campaign, Ubisoft's groundbreaking dance title became the surprise hit of the past year.  And now it's become the newest video game fad, judging by the arrival of dancing games for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  And that doesn't even count the four new titles from Ubisoft alone.

Listen to the fans and ignore the haters, kids.  Just Dance is one of the Nintendo Wii's greatest games.  Now here's the eagerly-awaited sequel.  Just Dance 2 promises 40+ new songs, even more colorful and crazy costumes, a few more goofy Austin Powers riffs, and a wealth of new gameplay modes:

- Dancing Duets
- Just Sweat Mode
- Dance Crew Face-Offs
- Up to 8 Players

Just Dance 2 will be exclusive to Nintendo Wii, and is scheduled for a November release.  Expect Ubisoft to continue their path to world domination.  And expect the hardcore gamer press to continue to spazz out.

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