Friday, June 18, 2010

E3 - The Konami Conference

Konami's E3 press conference is the most stunning, bizarre, surrealist spectacles you'll ever see.  It seems perfectly fitting for this year's show, like some drunken party on the deck of the Titanic.  It has become an instant legend on the NeoGAF forums, with over 10,000 posts and 200 pages.

You can watch the entire show here.  A description from NeoGAF:

Imagine if Konami, the multi-million dollar company from Japan who have produced some of the gaming industry's most beloved franchises, held a conference that feels like a really bad high school play. Then, add in error messages, trailers that didn't start playing, an incredible fail of a website, crazy hilarious Japanese people, EXTREEMEEEE REAL DANCING, several entirely too-big-for-your-body suits, accidental swearing, a weigh-in of three wrestlers who started bitch-slapping each other, a speaker showing championship belt upside-down, a high school choir doing a complete version of Queen's Somebody to Love including ass-grabbing, a sudden ABC news broadcast, Oprah, constant sound problems, a live decapitation, star-censored loli boobs, creepy serial killer guys, several speakers who were bored out of their fucking minds, an audience that was simply too shocked to applaud, and what appears to be the effect of multiple top-secret Konami-sponsored drugs.

All of this looped through the entire day and night. Current theory is that Konami tried to shut it down, but weren't able to contain the awesomeness that was the infinite Konami Circus time-loop.

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