Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kinect Finds New Ways to Fail

Now you can't even put your hands behind your backs. Hah hah hah hah hah.... This is the comedy gift that keeps on giving. Kinect's problems just never end. Is there any scenario where this stupid hunk of junk even works?

A videogame blogger from Sweeden (!!) shares his impressions from E3. Here's the untranslated website. And here's the Google Translation of the article:

What I really liked about Kinect? Well, that software is surprisingly good. And hardware is unexpectedly poor. Games Kinect Adventures, type five different mini-games. Rafting was, as expected, very funny. Can really see it compete with Wii Sports. Obstacle course, I was also pretty fun with.

But. The hardware, as I said. Microsoft promised that the delay (in reality between the motion and the motion on the screen) from last year were were virtually eliminated. I do not even feel any difference. There is still a significant gap. And although Kinect to be so damn advanced so it works in principle as an EyeToy - if you try on more advanced movements, like holding hands behind their backs, the avatar may snatch. Hugely embarrassing, looks terribly buggy out.

22:31: hit by lots of strange things. When would jump over and duck under the barrier so I got it not work at all. Avatar weird shit did half hope, and floated up into the air, when I tried to duck, for example. Many of my pallets hope it does not replicate at all, but still stood motionless, but the barrier in the face.

This steady trickle of bad news and revelations will prove devastating for Microsoft. Internet memes spread at a lightning pace; here we are, only days after E3, and look at what has happened. November is shaping up to be a nightmare. This machine is dead in the water, and I say good riddance to bad rubbish.

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