Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Dance 2 Coming in November

Just announced an hour ago at Nintendo's E3 presentation, which is superb.  Just Dance 2, 40 new songs, coming this November and exclusively for Nintendo Wii.  Track listings haven't been revealed yet, but expect Ubisoft to provide the details as soon as possible.

Nintendo was wickedly smart to recognize the strongest 3rd party game in their library.  Just Dance is a spectacular smash hit, and by embracing Ubisoft on their main stage, they are encouraging more of the same.  See, development community?  This is how you make a Nintendo Wii game for the expanded audience.  Ignore the disgruntled "hardcore" fanboys.  Their time has passed, and the video arcades have returned.  This game will single-handedly bury Microsoft's and Sony's motion controllers.

Please don't change a thing, Ubisoft.  We just want more songs, more humor, more goofiness, more intense workouts.  Oh, and Marcee is asking for Vanilla Ice.  I'm asking for Devo.

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