Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yet More Super Mario Galaxy Photos

Here, more screenshots from Super Mario Galaxy, including the latest. The first photo with the penguins looks just amazing. The artists have really outdone themselves, and they're really raising the bar on Nintendo's humble Wii.

And check out that last photo. Mario surfing on a stingray? Now that just looks super cool. The ice races were among my favorite moments from Super Mario 64. I was surprised that Nintendo never spun them off into their own game. Penguin Butt Racing! Who wouldn't have paid to see that? Whatever psychedelic drugs Shigeru Miyamoto is passing around to his crew, it's definitely working. At the end of the game, Mario will reveal to you the nature of existence and the mind of God. And then go fish surfing.

This is a perfect example of the clever imagination that's so sorely missing from videogames today. Not that you need another old man childhood nostalgia lecture from me.

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