Saturday, October 06, 2007

Today's Screenshots - Halo 3

Now here's a groovy idea. Seems that Halo 3 has a feature where you can snap photos of the action. You can find your perfect angles, snap away, then upload them to Bungie's website. Definitely a good plan. This is one of those things that fans can just run away with, and, of course, it's a great showoff for the game. I haven't seen Halo 3 in action yet, but I couldn't tell from print and online whether it represented any great leap beyond the previous games on XBox. This photo feature puts any such concerns to rest. This really is a magnificent looking game, just the sort of killer app the Xbox 360 needs.

Now if the price could just come down a little lower. These consoles are still too expensive. I don't know how Microsoft and Sony believes we have all of this disposable income just lying around. Somebody should send them a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

Anyway, here are some great fan-created screenshots from Halo 3. More, more!

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1dan1 said...

I have played every game in the halo series and Halo3 has definitly got to be a leap in the right direction, keep the reviews comming!