Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Super Swing Golf (Pangia 2nd Shot) Wii

Screens from Tecmo's newest golf game for the Wii, Pangia 2nd Shot. Otherwise known in the West by the drab-sounding Super Swing Golf 2. Ugh. Why do Americans always get the dull and watered-down names for these games? Nobody's expecting a serious simulation of the sport, ala Tiger Woods. It's a goofy burst of J-Pop fun. I say keep the original name.

The first game was just a port, so the follow-up should be a considerable improvement. Again, the Wiimote is perfect for sports games. Sports games are the most popular sellers in North America. Do the math, people.

This game really does look good. I'm perfectly fine with the cutesy look as long as it's done right. The color and details capture just enough of the classic arcade groove. Golf in the arctic? Sure, why not? Let's cross our fingers and hope for a hit.

No more screenshots. Psyche!

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