Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mario Kart Wii - Photos

The newest batch of photos for Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii. It appears to be following in the footsteps of Mario Kart DS, with all the crazy vehicles. This is perfectly fine by me, since it's almost certainly my favorite game in the series.

On a more critical note, don't the graphics appear to be a bit....stale? I'm afraid that Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy are raising my expectations for this console, but the textures and models appear to be a bit plain, almost too clean. But maybe that's me. I prefer the slightly blocky look of the DS version. It has a certain panache. And besides, Mario Kart Wii is still six months away from completion, at least. I'm sure the graphics will have improved by then. This version shown at Nintendo's 2007 Fall Conference wasn't even playable.

Two new things stuck out for me. One was the addition of motorbikes. Pretty groovy. The other was the banked curves on the winter course. The video showed the carts riding up and performing stunts in midair, just like snowboarding games. Now that could be a lot of fun.

Gameplay video and more screenshots here.

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