Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dewy's Adventure Wii - Groovy Video Blowout, Maaann!

What? Did you eat those poison mushrooms when we went hiking? I told you not to do that! Ah, well, might as well put on some Grateful Dead records and enjoy the trip.

Here's a game for the Nintendo Wii that really caught my eye - a trippy little patch of bliss called Dewy's Adventure. It's created by the same studio that gave us Elebits, and further establishes Konami as one of the premier developers for Wii. Give them credit where credit is due, folks. They're conjuring up new and original games that take advantage of the Wiimote. They're helping to push the envelope.

Dewy's appeals to me because it reminds me of Marble Madness, that good 'ole arcade classic from 1984. Now there was an original game. Brutally hard, even. Dewy incorporates many elements from platforming adventures, some inventive gameplay ideas (like changing the weather), terrific character design and animation....yadda yadda. On a console already bloated with shovelware and b-budget gimmicks, games like this really stand out.

And they tell you that psychedelic drugs are bad for you. Let's see Zoloft and Paxil inspire something like this. Or any of the other poisons big pharma tries to sell you on the nightly news. A soma a day, kiddies, helps keep the peasants in line.

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