Sunday, October 07, 2007

Today's Screenshots - Bare Knuckle 3

You knew I'd have to post some photos from Bare Knuckle 3. If nothing else, you get to see just what a difference it makes to see the original colors and costumes. The art direction is very focused and harmonious; everything fits together to form pieces of a whole. Then Sega America fouled everything up, which only made Streets of Rage 3 appear grimy and grungy. It's funny what a little palette swapping and censorship can do.

This really is a terrific looking game. The Mega Drive/Genesis is clearly being pushed to its limits. Perhaps you need to see the various poses and actions in still shots to really appreciate it. It also goes to say that so many of us became sick and tired of beat-em-up games by 1994. Very likely it's the fact that the whole genre has gone away for so many years that I'm willing to look back and play these games again. Good lord, there really were too many of these after a while.

I'll have to post the opening in a later post, just so you can see how it all looked. Shouldn't you have this game running on your Gens emulator already? None of this should be news to anyone.

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