Friday, October 05, 2007

Today's Screenshots - Shining in the Darkness

I figured I'd post a few more pics from Shining in the Darkness after writing the Virtual Console review. A really good RPG, one of those classic dungeon crawlers where you wander aimlessly through bug-and-monster-infested mazes. This game is an excellent example of that whole vein, offering a number of insanely large dungeons.

I was always impressed by the graphics of the town and castle, where the story moves along at a decent clip. The art style was particularly impressive on Genesis, and you see a lot of those character designs in future Climax games.

Also, notice the arms merchant. He appears to be Gillius Thunderhead from Sega's Golden Axe. The little blue guy in the background was the giveaway. Hard to remember a time when Sega had a whole stable of characters and hit games. Ah, well, that's life, kiddies.

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