Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC 2K8 - Joe Biden Speech

I haven't watched this all the way through to see if they captured Obama's cameo at the very end, but in any case you'll enjoy watching Biden's speech. He certainly delivered on the punches against McCain, and hit hard on foreign policy. That's what he's there for. A very fine speech, all in all; I wish it were less militaristic and gung-ho, but the business of the Empire will go on.

I'm reminded of the way Democrats caved in so shamelessly in this march to war in Iraq. How much better would it have been to hear the speakers at this convention denounce that shameful war? Why haven't we ever heard the words, "George Bush lied us into war"? Sadly, this is the price we pay when politicians lose their nerve. Let's hope for more offense from Obama/Biden. Please do not concede the notion of permanent war to the Republicans.

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