Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCain = The Draft

This is one of those impossibly easy arguments that Democrats should be making during this campaign. The Republican Party is the Party of War. A Vote For McCain is a Vote For War. See how easy this is? Everybody should be coming up with their own slogans and running with them.

It's a simple fact that McCain is surrounded by the most exteme hawks from the Bush Administration. These are the Evil Minds That Plot Destruction - war with Iran, war with Syria, war with North Korea, war with China, war with Russia. It's their only response to anything. Wage war. Drop more bombs. Well, sorry, kids, but seven years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq has worn down our Army. If McCain and the Neocons want their wars, then they're going to have to get fresh soldiers from somewhere.

I've heard the Dems hit hard on the economy and domestic issues so far at the convention. But they need to play offense on foreign policy. They have got to stop conceeding every foreign crisis (real or manufactured) to the GOP. The Dems have got to stop caving. You can't win an election merely by making fun of McCain's mansions. You need to hit the Masters of War where it hurts. Fight back!

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