Friday, August 29, 2008

The Speech and the Hail Mary

A few thoughts about what's gone down today. Like many of you, I'm still catching my breath from Barack Obama's magnificent speech last night. It was exhilirating, thrilling, inspiring and emotional. As I've been telling anyone who will listen, I'm reminded so much of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. The great players at the top of their game are secretly equipped with a fifth gear. And just when it's most needed, when everybody else is running at maximum, they kick it up to that next gear and blaze away.

I think Obama did exactly that last night. He may have very well delivered the knock-out punch against McCain and the Republicans. Everything he needed to say, he said.

I haven't watched too much tv today, which is probably a good thing, since John McCain's new VP pick, What's-Her-Name (and, no, I'm not being a smart ass here; I honestly cannot remember this woman's name...Something Palin, I guess) will be the talk of the Villagers on the idiot box. I think it's pretty clear that McCain made a desperation play, a hail mary throw, in order to shake up the race and redirect the media's attention.

I'm not worried about that, really. It doesn't matter much what the teevee pundits are gossiping about. On the street, there's only one thing on everyone's minds, and that's The Speech. McCain's VP is tacked on at the end, like some surreal joke. Palin has immediately become a punch line to so many in this nation.

It's such a cynical move, isn't it? This is like one of Mr. Burns' schemes from The Simpsons. Wasn't this a scene from the "Who Shot Mr. Burns" episode? It's so craven, so crass, so obvious in its political calculation and its cynicism. There's a reason why I reacted with mockery and humor. I don't take Ms. Palin lightly, nor do I feel we should rest easy against the Republicans. We must redouble our efforts between now and November 4 to take back our nation and our world.

Perhaps it all comes back to The Speech. It's almost as though Obama prophesized this very event. John McCain Just Doesn't Get It. He feels, and Karl Rove's team feels, that all you need in order to win over Hillary Clinton's supporters is to bring out a woman candidate. Hey, look! You like those women, right? We'll, here's one of those woman things right now! See? She's a change candidate, just like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

Are you bloody well kidding me? Are they really this stupid? When did the Republican Party become so stupid? What happened to the intelligent people in that party? Have they all walked out during the reign of Bush? Preznit Stoopid infected the whole brand; now it's completely toxic, and McCain really believes you'll be suckered by the sight of a female on stage.

Obama's words are what ring in my ears. His words are staying in my mind, showing me the score. I feel many of the 38 million viewers will feel the same way. Americans are not dumb. We may not be the brightest sometimes, and we have a serious problem with being manipulated with fear, but we are not stupid.

Let's see how this plays out, folks. Let's work hard and fast, too. The wind is at our sails.

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