Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Opposed Hurricane Katrina Relief - You're On Your Own

Don't let the Republican dog-and-pony show fool you. New Orleans drowned because cruel men like George W. Bush and John McCain had better things to do. Their philosophy is the Republican's philosophy: you're on your own. And when the disaster was past, McCain voted against Katrina relief in 2005. Numerous times.

This isn't merely a question of judgment, although it clearly is that. This goes to the very heart of the conservative worldview that drives the GOP. You're On Your Own. The federal government shouldn't help you. The government shouldn't even exist. This is the mindset that gave us the Katrina disaster in New Orleans, just as it gave us two disastrous wars, the falling US Dollar, the collapse of our economy, the rise in cronyism and corruption, the rise of privatized mercenary armies like Blackwater, and so on. The list is endless. Hurricane Katrina brought all of it into perfect focus three years ago.

McCain and the Republicans will do their damnest to dazzle us with illusion and spectacle, in hopes that a skillful photo-op in a disaster zone will make up for eight years of neglect, and 40 years of a conservative movement that has proven disastrous for America. We've already had enough of this criminal malfeasance. It's time for these Republicans to leave.

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