Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin Seeks to Ban Birth Control

I'll say it again. What a pathetic loser. Keep it coming, So-And-So, keep it coming.

This has been a fairly recent development among the Dobsonite crowd, as they try to blur the distinction between abortion and birth control. Frankly, it's a disgusting, despicable act, shameful and cowardly. There are many people in America who are opposed to abortion as a moral issue. They are truly "pro-life," not merely anti-women like all the closeted men of the GOP.

This is a key opportunity to win back these voters. For many of them, abortion is the only reason they vote Republican. But to oppose or ban birth control? I know that the far right seeks to overturn Griswald, but how many honest pro-lifers are aware of that? If you truly want to reduce the suffering of the unborn, wouldn't it make perfect sense to promote everything that reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies? Shouldn't that be part of your message?

I've known women who rely on the Pill to safely regulate their monthly cycles. It's an important issue for them. We cannot allow radical ideologues to take away necessary freedoms from its citizens, only because so many of the GOP right cannot deal with their sexuality.

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