Friday, August 29, 2008

GOP May Delay Their Convention

What, after we brought Rage Against the Machine and Steve Earle over? What a bunch of losers.

Politically, the Republicans are in one hell of a pincher. Hurricane Gustav is scheduled to strike the Gulf Coast by Monday night. This means if the Republicans go forward with their convention as planned, Preznit Stoopid will take the stage just as another hurrican pummels New Orleans. However, if they postpone the convention - or even further, cancelling it altogether - that will play just as heavily in the news cycles. It will be seen as a concession, a retreat, by the party and ideology that let so many Americans needlessly drown.

In any case, the message of Barack Obama will be ringing in the ears of every American: the Republicans must own their failures. And McSame picking So-And-So or What's Her Face ain't gonna change a thing.

Can McCain just drop out now and save us all the embarassment?

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