Monday, November 09, 2009

Hey, Nintendo Actually Bothered to Make a Game

It's an updated Excitebike for WiiWare.  It seems to capture the look of the NES original, while including course circuits, user-created racetracks, and online play.  Sharing your own tracks online should prove popular.  This game has always had its fans, and they're going to be very, very happy.  And it only costs $10?  That's a great deal.

It must be deeply frustrating for Nintendo Wii owners, to almost never see any good games.  Goodness knows, I'm frustrated, and I've only been playing Punch Out and Wii Sports Resort at game store kiosks.  The Wii deserves more than stupid baby games and shovelware.

Although, in all fairness...this is cute.  He looks so happy.

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