Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Defense of Wii Music - Swan Lake Version 2

This Wii Music video was posted by a dedicated fan who wrote the following message:

The reason I have posted this video is that I believe that Wii Music is much better than many reviewers give it credit for. I think that Nintendo has a pretty good engine in this thing that allows a novice to do some interesting improvisation. NONE of the reviewers out there have discussed this technology in depth. The reason for this is that it will take a long time to figure out just how effective this technology is. This video is my attempt to show that Wii Music has more under the hood than most reviewers give it credit for. My hope is that other fans of this game will do a much better job than I have, and prove these reviewers to be WRONG.

On a personal level, having completed this video and a few others, Wii Music has already payed [sic] itself off for me.

It's fairly difficult to explain just what Wii Music does.  Its premise is easy, yet murky at the same time.  But it fits in perfectly with Nintendo's current obsession with creating new expressions, and finding new audiences, in video games.  They're embracing the very idea of "fun" in whole new ways, and if you haven't been paying attention these past few years, you'll miss it.

Who would have guessed that Nintendo would become avant-garde?  They were the buttoned-down conservative types years ago.  Now they've embraced a surreal brand of anarchy and Warhol Pop.

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