Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Wii Music Songs - Chariots of Fire

This week, I recorded a number of my songs from Wii Music with the trusty digital camera, and posted them on Youtube.  Obviously, I'm going to share them all here on my blog.

This may be my favorite composition yet. I began with Chariots of Fire, set Tempo to "1" - the slowest setting. Turntable DJ supplies the beats, and two galactic horns play bass and rhythm parts. My ever-bending guitar leads became more haunting with each take. In the end, all the parts came together, and I'm more than proud.

As you can see, my song has practically nothing to do with Chariots of Fire. There are some chords that drift in and out, to keep my guitar centered. But I never paid attention to that. I wanted an original work that still had a good melodic hook. I'm astonished that Wii Music allows me this degree of freedom.

I hope you enjoy this, and that it inspires your own Wii Music jams. Spread the word, pass and share!

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