Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NASA Global Temperatures - Summer 2009

This chart comes from NASA, who clearly know nothing about, like, science an' stuff.  So clearly this means global warming is, like, all fake, an' stuff.

Okay, now, for the less stupid, notice that blue patch over the continental United States?  That means it was cold this summer.  Now take a look at the rest of the map.  This is what NASA likes to call the rest of the world.  Global temperatures from June to August 2009 were the second-hottest on record.  Also, the temperatures for the world's oceans reached an all-time high this summer.

And you will notice the hottest reds occur at the poles.  This correlates to global warming theory, which predicts that climate change will be most affected at the poles.  The temperature at the equator may only raise 1 degree Celcius, but at the North Pole, it's 6 degrees.

The obvious conclusion, then, is that Rush Limbaugh and Fox News are right, and global warming is a hoax.  Because, um, science said so.  And the earth is really cooling.

I like money.

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