Saturday, November 07, 2009

Todd's Adventures in Slime World - Adventure #4

Here is a lengthy gameplay video of my favorite Atari Lynx game, Todd's Adventures in Slime World.  I've raved about this game enough times; now you can see for yourselves what the hype is all about.

Slime World features six adventures, all with different goals and agendas. This is the "mushroom" level. The world is on a countdown to meltdown, and pulling mushrooms will add time to that clock. You must still navigate you way out of the endless maze, and get around all the creatures without getting slimed to death. It's a pretty tough challenge, and a lot of fun.

Remember, folks, this game was made in 1990. The Nintendo Game Boy was the hottest thing going, with Tetris and Super Mario Land. On the console side, there was the Turbografx-16 and Sega Genesis. There was nothing - and I mean nothing - that could hold a candle to Slime World. The Lynx really was a masterful feat of engineering and design (created by the masterminds behind Commodore Amiga). Pity it had to wind up in Atari's hands.

I really wish Atari would get off their duffs and reissue all the classic games in their library.  Wouldn't this be spectacular on Nintendo DS or Wii?  What's really needed is a new Atari Lynx emulator, one that included four-player split-screen for all the multiplayer games.  That shouldn't be too difficult.  Emulators, after all, are created by everyday people in their spare time.  Put a couple engineers on the payroll and have them build it.

Enjoy the video, kids! And send some emails to Atari!

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