Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Wii Music Songs - American Patrol

I wrote this song on Monnday, 11/23/09. This is one of my most recent original compositions for Wii Music, and I'm really happy with it. The bass is spectacular, and the song sounds absolutely nothing like the original.

Cliff Burton slams down some killer bass and Eddie Vedder rips on guitar. I'm playing turntable in the back. A Muppet provides some added percussion. Tempo is set to "5," the fastest setting. The beats were recorded first, then Cliff's growling bass, which only required a few takes. Eddie Vedder's electric guitar leads required about 20 or 30 takes to really get right.

This is a great example of discovering the music as you are playing. I always wanted that chorus, but the short guitar leads at the beginning were discovered on the many takes. I wanted a "verse" sound that fit in with bass, and eventually I just followed Cliff to the chorus.

Wii Music does a spectacular job of capturing the immediacy of improvisation, and the sense of surprise - music is never created as much as it is discovered.

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