Sunday, November 01, 2009

Quake Homebrew on Nintendo WIi

Why aren't there more First-Person Shooters on Nintendo Wii?  The controller is perfect for these sort of games, and I expected to see a flood of similar titles by now.  Instead, the bulk of the library are simple, low-budget mini-games, aiming to be the next Wii Sports.

Like any successful modern games console, the Wii is seeing the emergence of homebrew games, and a homebrew port of the original Quake has emerged.  This isn't an update or commercial release, but a straight port of the original PC game, utilizing the Wiimote and Nunchuk.

Watch this video and see what it does for ya.

I'm still hoping and shouting for Id to bring Quake III to the Wii.  It's still the best FPS ever made, and Nintendo desperately needs killer 4-player games.  Imagine that - multiplayer splitscreen, online matches, a million maps.  Tell me that wouldn't be the best thing ever.  Someone ought to get to that.

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