Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, Kids! Time to Fill Up on Candy!

Wow, this is every kid's dream - to come home with more Halloween candy than you can carry!  Yeeehh!!

It really isn't the same for me, when I can just walk down to the supermarket and grab a bag of Twix.  Which I did.  Burp.  I do hope the kids remember to pace themselves.  That candy should last you through to Thanksgiving.

I'm still in awe of this holiday, or at least its modern version.  You dress up in costumes, then knock on every door in your neighborhood, and everybody gives you FREE candy???  Really??  I wish there was a day like that for the grown-ups, but let's face it, any such endeavor would end in adults shouting at one another and threatening lawsuits for whatever reason.  It'd descend into another episode of Jerry Springer.

That's why Halloween should remain a holiday for the kids.  They're much better sports about it.

Ugh...okay, I better stop eating the Twix now.  The sun isn't even down, and I'm already over my limit.  Ahh, good times.

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