Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Few Screenshots of Ferrari 355 Challenge on Dreamcast


I tend to go on these topical benders.  Haven't ya noticed?  My current Dreamcast fixation is temporary, as I work to chronicle some of my impressions of the beloved games console.  Sooner or later, it should burn itself out, and I'll be back to writing about something else.

For now, here are a series of screenshots from Sega AM2's arcade racer, Ferrari 355 Challenge.  This was the brainchild of Yu Suzuki, the mastermind responsible for so many classic arcade racers - Hang On, Outrun, Daytona USA - as well as the Virtua Fighter series and his infamous pet project, Shenmue.  Ferrari 355 represents the apex of his career as a car enthusiast and game designer.

The game is rather notoriously difficult, much closer to simulation than pure arcade game, but I suspect the genre has caught up with Suzuki-san.  Having to learn how to properly brake and maneuver the correct driving lines is standard on today's racing games.  And Ferrari's precision driving is superb.  You won't find a better driving game anywhere.  These cars handle like a dream, just like buttah.

Anyway, that's my short rap on Ferrari 355.  The Dreamcast was blessed with many outstanding driving games, and this title stands ahead of the pack.

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very nice racing game.
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