Monday, October 26, 2009

Miles Davis - The "Pete Cosey" Band 1973

This is the best-looking video I've yet seen of what we generally refer to "The Pete Cosey Band," aka Miles Davis' 1973-75 band.  Every musician in this lineup is spectacular, of course.  But Pete Cosey, the master shredder...he's the one I'm cheering the loudest for.  Why hasn't he ever jammed with Eddie Van Halen or Dimebag Darrel or Kerry King?

Daaaammn....Miles' band is just on fire in this clip.  I hope I can find more.  You can hear the sound perfected on those spectacular trio of live albums - Dark Magus, Agharta, Pangaea.  This is the grungiest, heaviest, funkiest music on the planet in the mid-70s.  And it's prefect for a generation raised on hardcore punk, speed metal, grunge and hip-hop.

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