Thursday, October 22, 2009

GOP Proposes to Cut Solar Technology Funding

This isn't just stupid, it's terrible policy.  Much of it, I'm sure, is because of the GOP's close allegiance to Big Oil, but much of it comes down to pacifying their ever-shrinking, hysterical base.  Solar and wind power are equated with global warming, the environment, and those damned liberal hippies.

It bears repeating that the Republican Party's policies have been disastrous.  Wasn't this once "the business party?"  Any sane observer can clearly see that solar power will become a license to print money in the 21st Century, just as they can see the decline of oil, coal and gas.  Solar power industries are expected to triple over the next decade, and those jobs are going to be created somewhere.  If the United States doesn't take the lead, other nations will.

Does the United States lead the world in anything anymore?  Smithers, release the hounds!

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