Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tom Waits - Sins of My Father

I'm playing my favorite Tom Waits album right now, 2004's Real Gone.  Its sound is a bit tough to describe to those who don't know Tom Waits.  My best explanation: 1930s blues songs played by junkyard pirates.

"Sins" is the album's third track, and closes out side one on the vinyl, which sounds terrific.  Oh, yehhh, the LP version sounds fantastic, all analog production from start to finish.  The Rega Fono Mini is providing just the perfect dose of smoothness, warmth, and muscle.  Real Gone has never sounded better.

And on that happy's the CD version.  Hah hah!  This sounds good, too.  But you really need a turntable.  And if you don't have one...why the heck not?  What's your deal?

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