Friday, October 02, 2009

Rush Rush Rally Racing - NEW Dreamcast Game

Here are screenshots for an upcoming racing videogame for, of all things, Sega Dreamcast.  How crazy is that?!  Groovy for us.  Rush Rush Rally Racing looks really fun, very reminiscent of those classic overhead racing games like RC Pro-Am that were common in the 1980s.

The tagline in the trailer is especially nice: "No realistic backgrounds.  No sponsored cars."  This is the sort of thing that is tailor-made to aging Generation Xers like me.  And, yes, it works.  I'd rather play Micro Machines on a Sega Genesis than fret about the latest Gran Turismo.

The indie game scene has grown wonderfully this decade, thanks to WiiWare and XBox Live Arcade.  I'm quite impressed that Senile Team (designers) and Red Spot Games (publisher) even bothered with a commercial release on Dreamcast.  Surely, XBox Live would be far easier and more profitable.

The features are especially impressive.  1-4 players, 19 racetracks, animated cut-scenes, support for VMU, rumble and VGA Box, and an online high score table.  That's right, kids - there are still Dreamcast servers in 2009.  What's that?  You can run over pedestrians?  Yaayy!!

A trailer is available online, and I'll be sure to post it later this evening.  My favorite part was the multiplayer split screen, which was blazingly fast and fluid.  Multiplayer is where Sega Dreamcast reigns supreme, and hopefully this humble little game will find an audience.  You'll be able to purchase through Amazon, which is a crucial step.  Let's hope the internet fan community comes through.

Here are some more screensots.  Enjoy, share, steal, whatever.

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