Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Beatles in Mono - Paperback Writer b/w Rain

You've never heard The Beatles until you've heard their songs the way they were meant to be heard - in glorious mono.  The difference between mono and stereo is stunning.  I'm really coming to grips with the fact that the stereo mixes - which are the de-facto standard today - were essentially slapped together as an afterthought.  The sheen and polish on the mono mixes are astonishing.

Then there's the biggest surprise of all - Mono Beatles rocks.  I always heard The Beatles as a pop band, but never a rock band.  These mono CDs will kick your ass.  The Kurt Cobain-John Lennon connection was tighter than any of us realized.

Here's one spectacular example - the mono single for Paperback Writer b/w Rain.  This is the way these songs were heard by the vast majority of fans in the 1960s- in hard-rocking, rip-the-walls-off mono.

Thus endeth the lesson.  Go in peace.

I am having sooooo much fun with the new 2009 mono reissues.  I downloaded FLAC copies off the internet, but I'm hoping I can grab a Beatles in Mono box set - $200 a pop!  I'll easily spend twice as much to score the mono albums on vinyl.

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