Thursday, October 22, 2009

Off the Page

Off Yer Damn Rocker, is more like it. Is this a parody? Please tell me that NRO isn't seriously arguing that America should roll back women's suffrage. Really? C'maaan...really? Women shouldn't be allowed to vote? What else shouldn't women be allowed to do? Sex is out, that's a given. Should they be allowed to dress themselves? Should they be allowed to have jobs, or attend college? Should they be allowed in public without male supervision?

This has to be a joke...right? Nobody in politics can be that stupid.

Update: Listened to the video interview. Yep. Derbyshire really is that stupid. Either that, or he believes his audience is stupid. He makes a rediculous claim - women shouldn't have the vote, because they overwhelmly vote "liberal" - then spins around and denies that he's advocating anything of the sort. "Equity has a downside," Derbyshire claims. Loser.

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