Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thunder Force III - Some Really Cool Screenshots


As you can see, I've been porting over my old game reviews from  It's best to have everything under one roof, especially when I don't know how long my old site will stay alive.  I'm not sure even the hosters know it's there anymore.  Heh heh.

As always, I played through Thunder Force III and snapped some really great screenshots.  I wanted to capture the energy of the game, as well as its variety.  This was a standout title for Sega Genesis in early 1990, at a time when the console truly came into its own.  Revenge of Shinobi, Castle of Illusion, Super Monaco GP, and Fire Shark were all released during this time, alongside Technosoft's shooter masterpiece.  Later in the year, we would see Hellfire, Grenada, Gaiares, E-Swat, and Strider.  Am I missing a few?

Somebody should tell Nintendo how this busness works.  You actually have to make games for your system.  More than three or four a year?!  Yeah.

Anyway, enjoy these screenshots from Thunder Force 3 on Genesis.


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