Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ghibli Blog Twitter Goes to Iran

I hope nobody minds that I've been devoting the Ghibli Blog's Twitter page. Normally, I keep my political leanings there to a minimum - this is an animation and movie website, after all - but the seriousness of the events in Iran need our full attention.

By all means, I encourage every single one of you to help spread the word about what is happening in Iran today. The Millenial Generation has the internet and the world at your fingertips. Use these tools to make a difference. Use your cell phones and your laptops. Use YouTube and DailyMotion. Use Twitter and Flikr. Use Facebook and MySpace.

Even if all you can do is help spread the word and share some videos, you will have helped bring about change. These moments happen only rarely, kids. You need to take advantage and do something now.

Peace and love, everyone!

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