Saturday, June 13, 2009

Photos From Tehran

These photos come from Al Rogers' excellent dairy at Daily Kos, where a number of people are working hard to share as much information as they can get. Be sure to visit them and show some support, and help spread the word.

Hmm...this looks familiar, heh heh. I remember when some folks were calling what happened in St. Paul at the RNC "riots." No, no, no. The Republican Convention was a picnic compared to this. This is what riots look like.

This is very frustrating for the rest of us in the outside world. We can offer all the support we can, and we can share the news effortlessly, but at the end of the day, we are only mere spectators. History shall unfold on the streets of Tehran. The people themselves will have to decide to stand up and take back their country. They need to make this a Green Revolution for real. They will decide whether this is the end of a contested election, or the beginning of real change.

I say to hell with all the kings and tyrants and religious fanatics. All people should live their lives in peace. The evil minds that plot destruction are on the march - watch out!

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