Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Developments

I know I'm throwing up a lot of links, my apologies if it seems confusing. This early morning dairy from Daily Kos is another excellent online resource.

According the the diarist, the 12:30 pm rally was a trap, and the majority of the major protest leaders have been arrested by police. The regime is cracking down hard today.

Another shocking development: the daughter of the Ayatollah has been placed under arrest. Why has this happened? What does this mean? Are we witnessing a power struggle inside the government, and not merely a crackdown on dissenters.

Foreign press is being told to exit the country, according to the AP. Massouvi has not been seen publicly since his press conference after the election. Has he been arrested? Is he still free? I honestly don't know at this point. I'm sure you can find that out on your own.

Final Final Final Update (I mean it this time!): One more Twitter to follow: Stop Ahmadi.

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