Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos - Just Dance (Wii)

I had to snap a photo of my high scores on Just Dance.  Once you've won those crowns, you've earned some bragging rights.  You win gold borders for breaking 10,000 points - breaking your score beaker in the process, a nice touch - and you win crowns for breaking 15,000.  So for traditional gamers, you do have goals to reach for.

Note the scoring breakdown from the song.  With a little practice and steady reflexes, you can see scores like this.  When I began playing, the breakdown was tilted pretty heavily towards the X.  Now those X's are down to 10% or less, and I'm more than happy with that.  I enjoy that Just Dance doesn't punish me for missing my timing on the moves; it just quietly grades you, and I learn to perfect my moves while having a blast dancing around the living room.

As I've written before, the game judges momentum, not spacial placement.  There are many times when my moves are backwards, right-left instead of left-right, and I still score points.  The scoring is very precise and very strict much of the time, and I have had my moments of frustration like everybody else.  But it's nothing you can't improve upon.

Just Dance is currently my most-played Wii game.  It has proven to be an excellent workout (my arms and shoulders are toning up nicely).  It's just a terrific amount of fun, always tempting you to get up for one more go, just one more song.  The word-of-mouth success of this game is well and justly deserved.

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