Monday, January 18, 2010

Andrew Sullivan on MA-Sen

I used to read The New Republic back in the 1990s, when Andrew Sullivan was its editor, and today I find myself glued to his must-read blog, The Daily Dish.  His thoughtful, intelligent observations are a rare breed these days, as is his willingness to question all authority, even questioning himself.  It's such a rare breed in this fundamentalist age.

Case in point: Sullivan's thoughts on this week's MA-Sen race.  Sadly, I find myself in agreement:

So you have resistance to machine politics in a seat controlled by elites for ever; you have an atmosphere of unrest and discontent after two years of recession; you have the Republican base whipped up into an FNC-induced frenzy against the end of America as they know it; and you have the Herald readers sick to death of Kennedy power. For good measure, you have the ugly spectacle of closed door final meetings in Washington over health reform.

I don't see how even Obama can turn back this perfect storm.

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